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1959 - 1944


1959 Disastrous pressure by mildew, yet good qualities at very low crop quantities.

1958 A record harvest of satisfactory quality gave crispy and fruity wines.

1957 A vintage of good quality based on healthy grapes, medium quantity.

1956 Heavy damage by winter frosts resulted in a very small harvest bringing about high-quality wines.

1955 Good yields of appealing quality.

1954 A very large quantity of medium quality.

1953 Good red wines extremely rich in color, small quantities.

1952 A good quality at a low quantity.

1951 A medium quality at good yields.

1950 Large quantities, but of poor quality.

1949 A very good vintage gave low yields.

1948 Low yields of medium quality.

1947 Ideal climatic conditions produced one of the vintages of the century.

1946 An outstanding vintage.

1945 An early harvest (because of the occupying power) of excellent quality.

1944 The oldest vintage in the Kollwentz library