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A vintage right out of the picture-book. The sun shone and the rains fell at all the right times; there was a long vegetation-period, and an Indian Summer such as one seldom experiences. We had stable weather with high barometric pressure throughout the harvest, and were able to quite easily harvest one vineyard after the other. The 2009 vintage brought forth the best possible ripeness with absolutely healthy grapes. We were able to harvest magnificent Chardonnays from both Tatschler and Gloria. The Steinmühle is the best Sauvignon Blanc since the legendary 2004, and the 2009 reds are the finest of the decade—and perhaps the best since 1979. Comical, how frequently a great vintage has ‘9’ as the last numeral in the year—and 2009 adhered quite handsomely to this principle. Tops for both red and white!

Steinmühle Sauvignon blanc until 2025
Steinmühle Methusalemreben until 2030
Chardonnay Leithagebirge until 2020
Tatschler until 2030
Gloria until 2030
Dürr until 2020
Zweigelt Föllikberg until 2018
Blaufränkisch Leithagebirge until 2020
Eichkogel until 2020
Cabernet Sauvignon until 2030
Setz until 2030
Point until 2030
Steinzeiler until 2030