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Anton Kollwentz


Anton Kollwentz - Doyen of Burgenlands Viticulture

Born in 1940, Anton Kollwentz is the fourth Kollwentz of this name among six generations of the Kollwentzes in Grosshöflein.  At the age of 18 Anton became responsible for his parents' cellar. What makes this man stand out especially are his conscientiousness and love of experimenting.
The Falstaff Wine Guide on Kollwentz: “This is what really makes great winemakers: whether a small vintage or a terrific year, you can always rely on them. And for years now you can count on the Kollwentz family at every tasting – dealing with whatever style and variety."


Anton Kollwentz already made a name for himself in the 1960s with his noble sweet wines. The high yields of beerenausleses and trockenbeerenausleses in 1969, one of the vintages of the century, led Anton Kollwentz to leave the path of mere sale from the premises of his estate and try his luck with Western Austria´s gastronomy. In that same year, he managed to supply his wines to leading houses in Saalbach and one year later on the Arlberg.

Assured by the demands from upscale restaurants, he turned towards dry white wines in 1970. For more than a decade he was deemed the sole advocate of dry Burgenland white.


In addition, his love was for Blaufränkisch, which, being a powerful and tannic red, had fewer, yet all the more ardent supporters. His commitment to perfection and his openness to innovation, such as the use of French oak barrels or malolactic fermentation, made him one of the fathers of the red wine wonder.
As a vintner with heart and soul, Anton Kollwentz draws from a wealth of experience of more than 50 years of winemaking.


In 1995, a long-time wish of Anton Kollwentz´s came true with the foundation of the "Renommierten Weingüter Burgenland". That association with Mr. Kollwentz as the first president has since appeared as an ambassador and trailblazer of Burgenland wines both at home and internationally.

Anton Kollwentz — Honours and Awards:

Winegrower of the Year — Falstaff Magazine 1988

Trophée Gourmet, Lifetime Achievement Award — Winzer a la Carte 1993

Winegrower of the Year — Besser Essen & Reisen 1993

Honorary Roman of the Römerquelle — Wagner & Egle 1998

Ökonomierat (Honorary Councillor) — proposed by the Austrian Agricultural Ministry, bestowed by the President of Austria 1999

Best Winegrower in the World — René Gabriel 2005

Honours Trophy, Lifetime Achievement — Vinaria Magazine 2007

Lifetime Achievement Award — Goldene Traube (Golden Cluster) 2010

Vineus Wine Culture Award — Lifetime Achievement 2012.