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Gault Millau 2016


If perfection in matters pertaining to wine has a name, then that name is Andi Kollwentz. We tasted a polished and complex series of wines, in which each one was brilliant in its own unique way. The Chardonnay from Ried Gloria developed with compelling minerality and endless presence on the palate, while the two Blaufränkers from the vineyards Setz and Point were extraordinarily well focussed.

Falstaff Burgundy-Trophy 2016

Among the winners, once again this year it is impossible to bypass the name of one producer: for years now, Andi Kollwentz from Grosshöflein has dominated this competition like no other grower, where the grape variety Chardonnay is concerned. A claim that could be expanded beyond Burgenland to include all of Austria. In the 2015 vintage, the Chardonnay ‘Leithakalk’ occupies the first rank, just as the Chardonnay ‘Neusatz’ 2014 lands at the top in its vintage group – here, though, dead even with the Chardonnay ‘Steinriegel’ from Albert Gesellmann. And to complete the hat trick, the Reserve Trophy goes to Kollwentz’s Chardonnay ‘Gloria’ 2011, this top placement that Kollwentz must share with another master of the art Chardonnay vinification from Burgenland, namely, with Heinz Velich and his Chardonnay ‘Tiglat’ 2012.

Falstaff best wines of Austria

Top Ten - white Burgundy: Chardonnay Gloria 2014, Kollwentz Estate, Großhöflein

Top Ten - Blaufränkisch: Point 2013, Kollwentz Estate, Großhöflein

Top Ten - red Cuvée: Steinzeiler 2013, Kollwentz Estate, Großhöflein

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Falstaff wine guide 2016


5 stars for Kollwentz Estate

94 Steinzeiler 2013
94 Blaufränkisch Point 2013
93 Blaufränkisch Setz 2013
93 Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
92 Blaufränkisch Leithakalk 2014
92 Eichkogel 2014
92 Pinot Noir Dürr 2014
91 Zweigelt Föllikberg 2014
95 Chardonnay Gloria 2014
94 Chardonnay Tatschler 2014
93 Chardonnay Neusatz 2014
92 Sauvignon blanc Steinmühle 2015
92 Chardonnay Leithakalk 2015

This is what distinguishes the true greats among winegrowers: whether the vintage is great or modest, they can always be relied upon. And for ages now, the name Kollwentz has consistently been one to be reckoned with at every tasting – regardless which style of vinification or which variety is being evaluated.

best wines of Austria 2016


Chardonnay Tatschler 2014 - three glasses,

Chardonnay Neusatz 2014 - three glasses and best in category

‘An exceptional grower.’ That’s a bit of a declaration there, but one that was already appropriate for the father Anton Kollwentz. And for decades now, his son Andi has consistently added to the reputation of the estate. In all of our tastings, the wines from Kollwentz always stand out for their own unique and distinctive radiance. That is truly impressive!

‘Single-vineyard wine.’ A concept, which can be taken literally where Kollwentz is concerned. The vineyard Ried Neusatz is not really that new; there were vines planted here before 1750. The upper portion further from the village, with its limestone soils, is predestined for Chardonnay.

Then there are a couple other evocative terms that come to mind, terms that seem in no way exaggerated: ‘vine whisperer’, ‘learned authority on terroir’...

red wine guide Austria 2016


Point 2011 Blaufränkisch - three glasses

Steinzeiler 2011 - three glasses